Fox Terrier & barn cat resting together


Meet the Critters
What Mug Bio Status
Moon head shot Moon is a mature 15 hand paint horse. His second favorite activity is rolling, first is eating! He raids the birdfeeder at any opportunity. He has soundness issues but still loves a nice trail ride. Happily Homed
Horse head Magic is a quarter horse, and the last colt out of my mother's much loved mare. He has a willing disposition and is becoming a wonderful partner. Happily Homed
Lama head shot Mr Mustache (Musty) is an MLAS rescue (Montana Large Animal Sanctuary) He is gentle, leads well, and has carried a pack. He has frostbite damage to one ear that does not appear to bother him now. Adoptable
Llama on lead Jesse, an MLAS rescue perhaps 6 years old, had clearly NEVER worn a halter or been on a lead before coming to Colorado. He has a pleasant curiosity about him and seems to like his new home. Happily Homed
Max wearing pack with dog inside Max, an MLAS rescue, is very tall, with a suspicious eye. We estimate he is 8-10 years old. He has put up a wall of defense from his past experiences with humans; we are working with him to overcome his fears. He does know grain, however, and treats help put him at ease. Happily Homed
Llama on lead Joe, an MLAS rescue maybe 8 years old, is the most stoic. He has a tooth root abscess, yet he has gained so much weight since his Montana days that he's on the stout side now. I believe he had been handled some, at least enough to learn dodging techniques. Adoptable by non-novice handler