Carolyn grew up on a farm in Tennessee and educated herself in the computer sciences so she'd not have to spend her life on a tractor with bugs crawling down her shirt. But she did always long to get back to a rural lifestyle and have a horse again. In 2005, life presented the opportunity to buy a small acreage in Northern Colorado. She brought her horse, Moon, home, and purchased alpacas.

The alpacas were fun livestock she could handle by herself, and she wanted to learn how to work with their fiber. About this time Carolyn also picked up contra dancing -what a blast! And then came the desire to learn more: waltz, tango, swing, and blues. We are lucky to have so many dance opportunities on the Front Range.

Carolyn on horseback in front of mammoth sunflowers

Carolyn is also currently studying Camelidynamics, a gentle and effective way of working with camelids (alpacas & llamas)

Carolyn on horse Moon at Bobcat Ridge